Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Perfect is the Enemy of Good

Friends and Fellow Fantasy Enthusiasts, welcome to my little corner of the fantasy world.  After years of shyly tinkering with my own little tools and personal rankings, I have decided to put them on display for others in the dynasty football community to see.  It's modest at the moment and may never grow to be more than that, but I decided to stop trying to perfect it and just push it out into the light.

I have two hobbies: fantasy sports and spreadsheets.  Add them together and you get  My rankings will update as information changes because information is constantly changing.  I'll occasionally have something to say and I'll blog about it.  I'm working on a tool for managing rosters in MFL leagues and I may find the courage to put it out in the world (for a small fee 😉).

I won't pretend to have a keen eye for all the special traits.  But I think I have something to add to the conversation and I hope you enjoy it.

-- Ben